Exterior Caulking

Exterior Caulking

Have you checked your exterior caulking recently? Failed caulking can cause many thousands of dollars in damage in a very short time!

The exterior of your house is what protects the interior. If the exterior envelope is compromised then your interior is at great risk! Studs, sheetrock, and flooring can become damaged internally paint can become bubbled or stained. Your window sills are at risk as well. Leaks that continue over extended periods of time can even end up causing structural damage. Mold can grow between your walls and you may not even notice until you find a soft spot.

Living in the PNW, we are no stranger to dry rot and mold issues. Every year we are called on to do more and more of this type of repair.

We do offer an exterior home maintenance program with three different levels of service,  so that you can have us do an exterior whole house inspection  that way you can catch any issues early. Preventative maintenance is definitely the best type, especially when it come to dry rot! The repairs necessary can be so extensive sometimes the cost could be compared with a remodel!  An update or remodel would be a much more enjoyable project! We can help with those as well!

Protect your home, it is the biggest investment most of us make! Give AFJ a call, whether you want a one time inspection to make sure you have no failed caulking lines, or if you’d like to sign up for our exterior maintenance program. We can send you the information for the exterior home maintenance program for review, just give us a call!  We will gladly come out and make sure your home is properly buttoned up in all the right places!

Exterior caulking can literally save you so much money and headache, don’t delay – give us a call today!


Prices starting at $130 to $150 for your first hour (service call), and $75 per each additional hour; Prices may vary for additioanl required technicians.

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Amazing Floor

These guys installed my floor flawlessly. I could not be more happy with the service provided by the Awesome Handymen. They show return your call, they show up on time, and, they are very professional. We will be using these guys for all of our home improvement and flooring needs.

by Richard C. on AFJ Handyman Service Inc.
Great Service!

Brad did a great job, was very knowledgeable and quick to perform additional repairs on our 3 fence gates. Reasonable price, highly recommended!

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