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Interior Door Install

Interior Door Install!

Tired of an old beat up interior door? Remodeling a room and want to upgrade the door to match your theme? Saw how interesting and modern barn doors are and wanted to put one in your home? Want to add value to your home in a easy way? Install a new interior door!

A new interior door can drastically change the look of a room! There are so many kinds of interior doors to fit any room and theme! There are barn doors, prehung doors, slab doors, hidden doors! No matter what look you are going for there is a door that will match! Doors are often the first thing people see when coming into a room, it’s important to keep them clean and matching to your rooms theme. If you have a dingy beat up old door, what do you think your guests think when they see that before walking into a beautifully furnished room? What do you think when you see a beat up door before opening it? Do you assume the room behind the door is beat up to? Don’t let your guests assume! Replace and upgrade those doors!

When shopping around for a new interior door keep a few things in mind such as the kind of material, wood or wood composites. There are so many designs for interior doors with an endless combination of features like configurations, handing, panel type, and even glass options. Also keep in mind the kind of core you want, hollow or solid. Sound with transmit through hollow more than solid. Hollow doors are good for areas like a kitchen pantry, while solid doors are better for bedrooms.

Spruce up your home and add value to it by installing new interior doors!

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Prices starting at $130 to $150 for your first hour (service call), and $75 per each additional hour; Prices may vary for additioanl required technicians.

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Amazing Guys

These Guys Do Amazing Work. The Installed Several Grab Bars Around The House. I Finally Feel Safe Getting Out of my shower! Thank You.

Roman cleaned and repaired the gutters. He did an excellent job. He was very professional and very personable. We were very satisfied with the work done. Will definitely use AFJ Handyman Service for future projects.

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