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Screen Door Install

Screen Door Install!

Love feeling the warm summer breeze through your home but hate the bugs that come flying through your open door? Do you have an old screen door that is just begging to be replaced? We can fix that problem, so you can enjoy the feeling of having fresh air in your home all summer long!

Don’t let your home get all stuffy from not opening the doors from fear of bugs coming into your home! Everyone loves getting fresh air in the comfort of their own home. Screen doors are perfect for home with kids or pets that are not allowed outside, because screen doors give you the open feeling of having your door wide open but also the peace of mind that your little ones and pets aren’t going anywhere! There are multiple kinds of screen doors to choose from, there are ones that the screen takes up the entire door, half the door, or just a little part of the door! Keep in mind when installing a screen door how much traffic the door is going to get and how gentle the user is going to be on the door, screen doors where the screen takes up a majority of the door tend to be a little bit more fragile than a screen door where half the door is screen or a screen door where a little bit of the door is screen. Stores like Home Depot have a great selection of screen doors to match any budget, if your not quite sure where do start shopping for a screen door.

Please Note: Screen door installation is something that we do on time and materials! Be sure to give our office a call for pricing and scheduling!


Prices starting at $130 to $150 for your first hour (service call), and $75 per each additional hour; Prices may vary for additioanl required technicians.

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Amazing Floor

These guys installed my floor flawlessly. I could not be more happy with the service provided by the Awesome Handymen. They show return your call, they show up on time, and, they are very professional. We will be using these guys for all of our home improvement and flooring needs.

by Richard C. on AFJ Handyman Service Inc.
Great Service!

Brad did a great job, was very knowledgeable and quick to perform additional repairs on our 3 fence gates. Reasonable price, highly recommended!

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