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Shelving Unit Install

Shelving Unit Install!

Having a hard time finding space for all your items? Do you need more shelves put into a closet, garage, kitchen, or bedroom for more storage space? We can help!

Shelving is a great way to use up empty wall space in your home and to maximize storage. We can install shelves into any area in your home, no problem! Shelving in the kitchen is a great way to add more storage space for food and bakeware, whether you are needing space in your pantry, cupboard, or even on your walls! Garages can quickly become filled up with boxes of unused items that take up to much space on the floor, wall shelving is a great way to not only get those boxes out of your way but also make room for more boxes! Do you have a spare room that’s difficult to walk through thanks to all the boxes on the floor taking up space? Shelving can help clear up that floor so you can use it for something else! You could turn your new room into an office space or even a playroom for the kids! The possibilities are endless for that extra space.

Did you know there’s different kinds of shelves? You may think of shelves and think there’s only one kind but there’s multiple! There’s fixed brackets shelves, which is the simplest type of shelve. Fixed bracket shelves are installed by individual brackets being secured into the wall and then the shelving is laid across them. Adjustable slotted shelving uses brackets and vertical rails that can be inserted at any height to adjust to any storage needs you may have.  Built in shelving is a little bit more complicated than fixed bracket shelves or slotted shelving, in order to do built in shelving your home will need the proper space and design. An existing alcove is necessary for built in shelves, the width will be limited but there’s plenty of room for customization such as height, depth, and color.

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Prices starting at $130 to $150 for your first hour (service call), and $75 per each additional hour; Prices may vary for additioanl required technicians.

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Amazing Floor

These guys installed my floor flawlessly. I could not be more happy with the service provided by the Awesome Handymen. They show return your call, they show up on time, and, they are very professional. We will be using these guys for all of our home improvement and flooring needs.

by Richard C. on AFJ Handyman Service Inc.
Great Service!

Brad did a great job, was very knowledgeable and quick to perform additional repairs on our 3 fence gates. Reasonable price, highly recommended!

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